How WADI is benefiting the remote community households through purifying water every day

March 24, 2018 | By Md Shahidul Islam | Reply More

Taslima’s community in remote Bangladesh has faced a severe scarcity of water over the years. Twice a day she had to move long distances for collecting pond/basin water. After water collection, she had to boil it by firewood for purifying. However, it was not fulfilling her family members demand, due to a shortage.  Hence, Water poverty was a life-long destiny in their family life.

Could you imagine what happened when beloved children of a mother asked a glass of fresh water since returned from school and mother failed to offer it. However, it was the reality of my life. Several times I failed to provide a glass of safe water to my thirsty children and tired husband.”-Tashlima informed us during an interview with her on 22.

Voice of South Bangladesh distributed a WADI water-purifying device to Tashlima on 1st week of Nov-2017 which brought a big change in her scarcity of water. As Taslima told us-“ At first it was unbelievable to us regarding the performance of this small device to purify water to meet our demand. Neighboring community people criticized us since we were talking them about its power. Even Local UP (Local Govt representative) member did not believe its wider performance. ‘

She added that-“Since we started to use it, community people became surprised to see its amazing performance. Every day we are purifying 20-25 liters of water, which is sufficient for my family consumption. Now my husband is carrying this safe water during her travel to fishing in nearby Sunderban (Mangrove Forest) and enjoying it with his other colleagues. Peoples from our neighboring market sometimes visited us for enjoying a glass of safe water. Local UP member is now convinced and requested us to provide more WADI among communities.”

Due to the lack of safe water, many children have died from dehydration and waterborne illness over the years in this remote part of the country. However, it was notably reduced after distributed WADI in this area.

Till today, Voice of South Bangladesh distributed 4100 WADI among 4100 women households in Saronkhola Upazilla under Bagerhat district in Bangladesh. This is under a partnership with Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) with the support from Helioz, Vienna, Austria.

No one should be denied the chance to live a healthy life. Tashlima is now living a healthy life with safe water, which reduced her expenditure from water born disease and buying firewood. However, hundreds of household women like Tashlima is still desperately seeking fresh water sources from different distant places in the project area and very much interested to get the WADI devices which appeared in the community as a miracle of solar power to purify thousands of liters of water every day.

Thanks CDD for a true partnership with VoSB and Helioz for providing WADI Devices with technology for making these new interventions in the field of water scarcity at the remote part of Bangladesh – affected by the adverse impact of climate change.


-Md Shahidul Islam
Executive Director,
Voice of South Bangladesh.

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