About Us

Organization Name: Voice of South Bangladesh (VOSB)

Our objectives: 

  1. To promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Poverty reduction, education, and development.
  2. To address the environmental issues in terms of global warming and climate change.
  3. To promote human rights and social justice.
  4. To contribute to the improvement of health, nutrition, hygiene, water and sanitation status of women, men and children of poor families.
  5. To promote and support for achieving education programs for all, focusing on early childhood care and development.
  6. To undertake programs for persons with disability, deprived, autistic children and marginalized group for improving their standard of living.
  7. To promote the renewable energy program.
  8. To contribute for the conservation of Sundarbans’ bio-diversity.
  9. To implement projects on Poultry, Dairy, goats, fishes and nurseries for contributing overall food production.


The mission of ‘’Voice of South Bangladesh’’ is to work with the poor and disadvantaged people including the indigenous community, to improve their standard of living through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and multifaceted development interventions.

VOSB aims to become an ICT focused organization in Bangladesh, where ICT-based knowledge can contribute establishing a digital society. This is in terms of digital equity, education, health, nutrition, agriculture, water, sanitation, climate change, human rights (especially women, children and disabled), good governance and gender equity.

In order to achieve its goal, partnership building, networking, campaign, advocacy, lobbying, knowledge sharing and best practice dissemination are the parts of its mission.


The vision of the organization is to contribute for the establishment of a just knowledge-based, enlightened, healthy and digital society- free from hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation.

Voice  of South Bangladesh is registered under Social Services department, Bagerhat

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