Adaptation to climate change: Lesson learnt from Pervin

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Laukathi river in Potuakhali, Bangladesh“We have lost everything due to cyclone Sidr and cyclone Aila. At first, Sidr destroyed our tiny house that was built on an embankment. After that, we constructed a small home on a comparatively high land. But Aila swept it away,’’ says Pervin, a climate victim based in Patuakhali, a southern city of Bangladesh.

The two cyclones that hit Bangladesh in 2007 and 2009 made huge damage in the southern part of the country. Many people lost their relatives and belongings. The victims of the cyclones are still recovering from the wounds. After losing two houses within three years, Pervin and her family became hopeless. However, a local non-government organization (NGO) helped her to get back on her feet.

Pervin took some seeds from the NGO that helped her grow bottle gourds. She earned about 40 US Dollars in the first-half of 2010. Although, the amount was very small, but that gave hopes to Pervin to move forward. The NGO also provided her goats to farm.

Pervin’s husband is a fisherman. He always remains busy with fishing. She is supporting her husband by creating a green world surrounding their tiny house that they built again on a dam after cyclone Aila.

Pervin is not alone. Some other climate victims have changed their lives through supports from non-government organizations in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, many people still need help. We are working for them. Please donate to keep us going!

Photo source: Hasib Wahab

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