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can take a piece of old pantyhose of the same color and stick it in the holes with strong glue. When it is dry, it will be repaired. Remember to make up after leveling, otherwise it will be stuck into a ball that can't be worn.

Step on your pantyhose and put your foot in the hole at the bottom. If your pants are too short, wear longer pants. When you step on the pants, you can place the hole part of the pants under the foot to fix it. Leggings also have a size, especially the length should be appropriate. People with sensitive skin choose leggings made Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses cotton, which are more comfortable to wear.
If the foot pants are easy to slip off when walking, you can cut the hole where the foot is bigger, the hole where the foot is too small is easy to slide the heel

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