VOSB organizes capacity building workshop on gender, water and climate change

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Voice of South Bangladesh (VOSB), in collaboration with Gender and Water Programme Bangladesh (GWAPB), has successfully organized a two and half a day capacity building workshop on gender, water and climate change in Bagerhat.

The participants of the seminar were trained by Joke Muylwijk, Executive Director of the GWAPB. Ms. Muylwijk used her expertise in giving training to the participants as many of them were not so fluent in English. Therefore, she used different ways to make the whole issue easily understandable.

”Ms. Muylwijk and two other facilitators showed us the reasons behind the climate change and how we could help protecting the nature,” says Shahidul Islam, Executive Director of VOSB. Mr. Islam also shared his experience of working with climate victims in Southern Bangladesh.

The workshop included a field visit in Sarankhola, one of the areas highly damaged by the Cyclone Sidr in 2007. It has been estimated that thousands of people died there during the cyclone, which was caused due to the climate change. VOSB is working with the climate victims of the area with an aim to ensure a better life for them.

The workshop was held from January 29 to February 01 in Bagerhat. The city is known for its two UNESCO declared world heritage sites. The participants of the seminar also grabbed the chance to visit those sites. Mr. Islam thanked every member of the workshop for their valuable contributions and hoped to organize more workshops on the topic in the future.

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