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people are rescuing a woman who sinks in flood water

Floods in Bangladesh have killed scores so far and more than one million houses have been damaged. According to a report published recently, most deaths were caused by drowning in rivers in the northern hinterlands where more than 3,000 villages have been cut off for over two weeks. This photo is taken from Sirajganj, which is showing that people are rescuing a woman who sinks in flood water.

Photograph by Md. Shahidul Islam from Sirajganj. All rights reserved.

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  1. Sahadat says:

    Government should take serious action regarding flood…

  2. Dear Sahadat,

    Government is trying hard to help floods affected peoples in Bangladesh. I think they need more support. Non residential Bangladeshis can come forward to help floods affected peoples. Though Government has not declared National crisis yet, but the scenario is very hard.

  3. Omi says:

    এখানে যে ছবিটা দেখানো হয়েছে, দেশের পরিস্থিতি এর থেকে ঢের খারাপ। আর এর অবস্থার জন্য দায়ী আমরা নিজেই। আপনারা হয়তো জানেন না যে দেশে বেশ কিছু অঞ্চলের লোকরা কিছু করতেই চায়না। এই যেমন গাইবান্ধা, এরা কিছুই করতে পছন্দ করেনা, শুধু পছন্দ করে বাচ্চা পয়দা করতে। এদের মতন মানুষকে হিন্দিতে বলে “ধারতি কা বোঝ” যার অর্থ হচ্ছে মাটির উপরে চাপ।

    আমি এটা বলছিনা যে এদের পাশাপাশি ভালো মানুষ ভাসছেনা বন্যার পানিতে, তবে যারা এই কষ্ট ভোগ করছেন, তাদের এই কষ্ট উপহার দিচ্ছেন ঐ গাইবান্ধার মানুষগুলির মতো মানুষ।

    তবে আমি সম্পুর্ণ বিষয়টার জন্য দুঃখিত…

  4. tareq ahmed says:

    the problem is not actually greated by us.if someone has minimum knowledge about the recent climate change& global warming issues;then he or she would not make the people of our country responsible for this devasting flood.

    if we look at the pattern of floods for the 20 years–we would certainly feel & know about the changes which r hppening in this part of the world.significantly from 1987 to 2007 almost 6 times we faced this traumatic fllod situation& the last one happened in 2004.i’m sure the intensity will increase every year;as the ice is meling in himalayan region.

    so,what should we do: the western countries r responsible 4 this situation;which is caused due to carbon they should seriously increase support for funding on environmental causes,particularly 4 the countries which will be most effected.

    2.adopatability & preparedness is necessary for countries like us 4 facing the chaning climatic conditions.

    3.also 4 the governments,they should integrate climate change& disaster preparedness issues as part of all their regular policy& act in line with those policies.

  5. Dear Tareq Ahmed,

    I do agree with you. Actually it’s a bad effect of climate change. The world is going warmest day by day and every one is feeling it so badly. We need to find some solution to recover this natural disaster. Otherwise it will be taught to stay this beautiful World.

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