Brilliant Rasedul is in uncertainty

June 29, 2007 | By Mohammad Saiful Islam | Reply More

Young Rasedul Islam, who has done an outstanding result in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinationFew days ago, I have learned about young Rasedul Islam, who has done an outstanding result in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. This is a positive sign that a student from a rural part of our Country has done extraordinary result. But due to extreme poverty, his dream to become a well educated person is in uncertainty.

Rasedul has been living in Dupchachea sub-district under Bagura district from his childhood. He was a student of Talora Altaf Ali high school over there. In the SSC examination of 2007 he has got above 80% marks in all of his subjects which is called ‘Golden 5′ in Bangladeshi education system.

Rasedul’s father is a Rickshaw Puller. They have no land of their own to live and cultivate. Rasedul worked as a servant to earn money besides his study. He did the job of cutting land in a brick industry situated beside his village. He did these tasks to meet his educational expenses. He has no chair or table in his reading room. He had to study on his bed. Rasedul is staying in Dhaka now from the completion of his S.S.C examination. He could not come home even after the publication of his outstanding result. He is doing a job as a helper of a brick layer on contract. Rasedul will not get the payment of doing the job before the completion of the job according to the contract.

His mother told news medias that, “Rasedul has to get admitted in collage. He has to buy new books also. What we will do for getting this excessive money. His father works as a rickshaw puller in Dhaka. We are facing great difficulties to meet our fundamental demands. Now, it is nearly impossible to bear the educational expenses of my son.”She said these with the tear of her eyes. She and her husband want to continue their son’s study but they have nothing to do. What will happen in brilliant Rasedul’s uncertain life?   

Not only Rasedul but also many other young boys in Bangladesh are becoming segregated from the light of education. They are very potential but frustrated and helpless. We have to do something for these potential youths to serve our country as well as our nation.  

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  1. Morshed Ahmed says:

    Brilliant Rashedul can easily find some private tuition for his education and living. He can very comfortably earn Tk. 5,000 plus per month.

    Generally Golden GPA holders will get scholarship and full freeship in the college. So, he sholud not think at all for his higher education or living.


    Morshed Ahmed
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. Sakhawat Hossain says:

    Mr. Morshed’s comment is excellent and logical. What was described in the news is just a begging culture. I hope that Rasedul’s future will be bright and free from any obstacle. He needs to do hard work only.

  3. Saiful Islam says:

    Dear Morshed Ahmed,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Brilliant Rashedul lives in a rural area of Bangladesh where earning Tk.5,000 is nearly impossible through private tuitions.

    We have a few educational institutions that give scholarship and full free ship to brilliant students. As a student of rural area it is very tough for him to catch these opportunities because number of student getting golden GPA 5 every year is very huge.

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