Nepal Is Not a Part of India

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My country has never been ruled by others

Side view of Katmandu CityJune 14, 2007: No doubt Nepal is one of the most beautiful mountainous countries in the world but billions of People from the globe still don’t know Nepal’s political and geographical situation. Some of them are in confusion that whether it is an independent nation or a part of some country.

I think it is unfortunate that Nepal is still facing the crisis of identify even in this 21st century of globalization. When I sometime use Yahoo or some other Messengers and chat with unknown friends from different countries, naturally they ask me my ASL (age, sex and location) first. As I answer Nepal for L, most of them react, with a question, Nepal as a part of India. Few of them sometime think Nepal lies in the Tibet. 

What might be other bad hurt than that reaction for a real nationalist (Nepali)? Yeah, it really pinches me however I also don’t know the location of every country of 194. Nepal is a landlocked country of South Asia and situated in between 2 giants India and China with an area of 147,181 sq km. So Nepal is 21 and 65 times smaller than India and China respectively.

In the context of two giants, King Prithvi Narayan Shah (1723-1775), who unified Nepal and saved it from the outer enemies, said that Nepal was a yam between two stones but former rebel supremo Prachanda, in a recent program answered that saying that Nepal was dynamite and it could also burst.

Raja Ram Giri, president of Friends of Britain and Nepal, still feels sad as he recalls those moments of United Kingdom because some of its citizens assumed Nepal as an Indian state during his visit of that land. “It is very bad for us to hear Nepal as an Indian part” Said Giri. Some seven years ago, renowned Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit had apologized over her controversial comments when she had said, standing in Nepali land, the Nepal was once a part of India. Nepal never was a part of any other country and has never been ruled by others in its history so it is always sovereign country. Traditional Nepali dance

Though Anglo-Nepalese War (1814-1816) was fought between Nepal and British East India Company, Nepal became able to save its sovereignty however some parts were lost. Anyway Banke, Bardiya, Kailai and Kanchanpur districts were returned back during the Jang Bahadur Rana. Bhimsen, Balbhadra, Amar Singh and Bhakti Thapa played a vital role to save Nepal against East India Company however the Treaty of Sugauli was signed in 1816. Talking about relation between two countries, there is still no visa system between India and Nepal so people from both countries have been working and traveling to each other land for years.

We Nepali have in some occasion been happening to hear that the Buddha birthplace and Mount Everest (8,848 m) lies in India. In such conditions Nepali present their agitating behaviors and extreme nationalism. But it is crystal clear that Nepal is a land of Mount Everest and lord Buddha however there are too many things that introduce Nepal to the world.

When I wished to check the popularity of Nepal in the Internet, I found 98,300,000 results for Nepal as I Googled it but found 115,000,000 results for Sri Lanka that is 2.24 times smaller in area than the Nepal. I think the economy and the sports are two most important phenomenons for the identity of every country. Sri Lanka holds more than seven percent of GDP growth rate while Nepal is only around two. Talking about sports Sri Lanka is very forward in cricket but the Nepal’s rank is very low in most of the games.

Since Nepal is a developing country there is more to be done for its development. Nepal is very rich in water recourses and high mountains that we could utilize for the development of our country. To be developed is itself a good identity of a country. During the10 years political conflict and royal massacre of Nepal, the country was introduced negatively to the world however it is in the peace process now and trying to be introduced itself as a new Nepal.

Author: Rup Narayan Dhakal, Nepal
Photography: Md. Arafatul Islam

Category: Voices of Youth

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  1. saroj bhattarai says:

    Thanks narayan dhakal for giving such an outstanding information about Nepal . keep giving this kind of informations in the web. let people know what Nepalis are really.

  2. John says:

    Loude, Lund le mera… Nepal was part of India from the HIstory

  3. Melanie says:


  4. Dipesh says:

    Thanks Narayan Dhakal,

    People like Madhuri Dixit and John (whose message has been posted here), do not know that India itself had lost its sovereignty once to East India Company whereas Nepal never did so. Nepalese soldiers fought bravely against them. All the credit goes to our brave soldiers. It is true that our country has been lagging behind in development, however we are pretty confident that it will get some momentum within some years.

    Nepal is a sovereign country and will be forever. We are proud to be Nepalese.

  5. K.Prafull says:

    Good article but meaningless, you should study the history of your country first. I never claim it as a part of india but it was not because of your bravery but because of Indian highness.
    Never try to compare Nepal with The Great Indian Republic.
    Nepalese can be proud to be Nepalese, becouse they cant be Indian ever what they tried to be [examples are endless].

    Hoping Nepal will retain its sovereignity forever my best wishes are with you.

  6. sumana says:

    oh wow , i really apprecite dhakal whatever u wrote for our country.and anyway to esp. john,, nepal was never a part of india , but to speak true india was one who took 1/4 part of nepal.. and these is not a place for ur curse.. may be those” lounde” words can be digested by those indian in india

  7. sumana says:

    and yeah for k prafull , dont think that we want to be indian,,, we r proud to nepali .. even nepal territory is small,,, well we dont even want to be compared to india and indian,,, well we r happy to be called nepali but if anyone classify us to part of india then thats really sad for all of us

  8. nitin shahi says:

    its really very cool too know more about nepla.even i m a indian gorkhali but nepal attract me from my childhood ..and i visited here in april 2008..its awesome amd i felt very proud after coming at nepal…..its shows our gorkhali culture…and makes all gorkhalis proud

  9. reshu says:

    i think its really proud to be Nepali even though it is small or undeveloped . It has got some of worlds beautiful places and many natural resourses but i think we have not utilize our resources so widely may be because low money or manpower

  10. kk says:

    praful seems to be a dickhead. praful, u should study the history of your country first. indians who lost their sovereignity to british are saying that nepal maintained its sovereignity because of indian highness!!!!!!!!!u airhead. go to school and read ur history. we don’t want to be compared with dhotis like u.

  11. tandon sunil says:

    first of all you go to the yours priminister,then i hope that you all guys finding a good answer to your self, And be ready to disest it, And i want to ask some question with indians that india a part of british? And thanks to all gorkhalies who trying to make our nation indipendence.

  12. man says:

    hey do not try to fight here.If you discuss these topics then plese refer history.and for the fact Nepal was a part of indian empire before its unificaton by Prithvi Narayan Shah
    on December 21, 1768. see the link below.

    as my openion i love Nepal because it is the only Hindu country in the world.and i will always love it.

    and for India it is a great nation and cointains the largest hindu population in the world.

    may both the countries live in peace.

    • Taylor says:

      now, listen MAN, do not confuse the mouryan empire with India. Before british invasion, india and even nepal was divided into small pity states,and they had limited existence!!!!!! But, nepal was never totally a part of another country!!!!!!

  13. man says:

    for gorkhas,they are the descendant of guru gorokhnath.who has his root from india.

    for hindu god Siva has its origins from himalayas.

    both countries has close relations both lingustic and culture.

    there is no need to fight.

    please refer wikipedia for further detail.

  14. Aryan says:

    Actually at one point Nepal was apart of India. But the problem is alot of countries in the past might not have had official boarders like they do today. Sometimes maybe they did and sometimes maybe they didnt. I don’t know. But Nepal is apart of Ancient India, and it’s right by the country, and their are similiarities between Nepal and India, so it’s not like were comparing Mexico to Japan. Nepal was apart of India.

    • Taylor says:

      at that that they called the whole south asia “bharatbarsa”, after kind Bharat ( brother of Ram),!! and do not think, that at that time,there was a country called India! ofcourse, like you said, there were not official border till late. and when there was borders, they were divided into pity states, and how do you say that nepal is a part of india??

  15. Extremist says:

    India was a part of Nepal aree…huh! I did not know that… thnx for the wonderful insight…Ahh now it all makes sense…Thats why Indians are enroaching all Nepal’s land in the South…No wonder how India is so big…
    Thank You

  16. Nari says:

    I came here searching to find controversial posts on “Nepal is a part of India”. I knew it was nt true, but I wanted to know if that news about Madhuri Dixit’s incorrect remarks were there. Anyhow, it is sad to see people (especially some Indians) talk about these topics when there is so much confusion and animosity between different regions in India (Hindi vs Tamil, Marathi vs N, India, most people in rest of india vs north east) – what I am saying is that, do not let remarks of a few stupid indians anger you too much – they do not represent the view of the society.
    Nepal is a beautiful nation and the people are strong. Focus on the good qualities! peace.

  17. warrior says:

    hamro mantriharu nai kavadi chha ……..k garnu that is why hamile yo dai dakna parya…aauta desbakti vawana vako mantriko chhaina !!!!!….buddha hoina aauta pheri prithvi ko janma hunaparyo…..vanai nai chhani ”most dangerous enemy is own fren”……..sathiko namma kalanka….astho friendship ka k kam !……we should end this ..lastly i want to thanks to
    Narayan dhakal…

  18. Neeta Yogi says:

    Everyone is proud to there mothers and we most be proud to our country Nepal also as she is our first mother. Although Nepal is economically poor and small but she is most beautiful than any other countries and rich in natural resources. Nepal has its own identity that she is second richest country in water resources and mother of Mount Everst. “Nepal is part of India”, this is just rumuor. Nepal cant be part of any countries because she is herself a country with her own identity and prosparity.

  19. torjan says:

    thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got relief seeing this. but i fuckin hate indians and anyother people who says nepal a part of india…..i won’t feel soory to stab those dickheads!!!

  20. Dev from Doha says:

    Nepal is a one of the beautiful country in the world . Madhuri Dixit doesn’t know about Buddha who is light of Asia , Mt.everest which is a highest in the world , reach of natural source and so on. She knows only how to act in film . I think she has to study about history of poltical .

  21. sahil says:

    does it really matter, both d countries have common cultural and religious roots

    inancient times there was no nation as india or nepal it was a collectionof many kingdoms .while most of these were united during the british rule in india but nepal remained as a kingdom and now a nation

    even india comprises of kashmiri,dogri, punjabi,marathi ,tamil etc populations which could ve been seperate nations as in case of nepal but now they constitute what is called “india”
    im a proud indian and have many nepali friends who are equally proud of their theres no point in fighting over it.

    may god bless both nations!

  22. nepal says:

    nepal was always a sovereign country as for nepal being part of india.. no way never and all the war between india and nepal, india was under british so its clear we fought with brits not india. well abt culture , india has seen only the border between india and nepal not the hills and mountains which is different from for origin africa was attached with s.america so no big deal as nepal india and china were attached

  23. ajk says:

    Hey why unnecessarily fighting each other, let Nepal be Nepal and India be India.

    what u people will gain fighting each other or thinking about the past.. put the vision on the future development of both country atlest ur future.

    Both Nepal and India are very beautiful countries.

    why don’t u people always thing negative and fight for nothing, let me ask you what u will gain fighting each other saying whether Nepal was part of India or not ? any way what ever u fight hear u cant change the official records.

    i will rather say that those people who fights hear will be coward & useless to nation.

  24. Nepali Choro says:

    Dear friends,
    i went through each and every posts….QUITE INTERESTING !!!!let me tell each and every body that can read english….read it very carefully coz it is very important…ready..
    here we go…
    i do respect you indian folks being proud of ur nation and u shud be ! but guess what !! when somebody tries to steal ur identity and nationality and claim that u r not who u r and u are some body else, would that not piss u off ?
    if that pisses u off , i am a gurkha and nepali bolld flows in my veins…. u know what happens to me a millions of nepali like me !! my blood boils and i feel like i want to behead each and every son of a gun that stands its finger on our identity.
    so, guys just think once before u run your mouth….
    And back off, u better stay way from our land too…India has been slowly expanding its territories inside nepal.Nepal is a small country, and we have a lot of problems in us but we are ready to give whatever it takes when it comes to our nation…

  25. thanks for such a wonderful information. Nepal is so beautiful, so Indian feel proud to say as Nepal is part of India, however truth is truth, Nepal never been ruled by any country. we are always independent.



  27. NEPAL MERI AAMA says:

    I have given comment just b4 3 days ago but i cant see my comment here …… frm nepal….

  28. Yusuf Ginnah says:

    Nepal seems to be such a beautiful country from the little i have seen of it on the internet…
    I wish you all of the best as you are truly one of the last untouched and perfect places on our planet…

  29. dorje says:

    K. Prafull, thats the exact reason y people all around the world hate u bastards.british did teach u arrogance in 400 hundred years u have been slaved to.of course it was of our bravery that saved our country from british unlike u ppl who lost everything to them.u ppl think u can be proud of ur history..i say shit, wats to be proud in being enslaved for 400 years.we being a small n tiny nation at least had the guts n courage n determination to fight back which worked n earned a name tag of brave gurkhas all over the world whom even the adolf hitler praised sayin that “if my soldiers were as brave as gurkhas i would destroy the world”.let me tell u that size does not matter,wat matters is the guts n courage to fight the way i would never in million years want to be born as indian cuz being in foreign land i realised how much u r hated by every country people for so many reasons.india is itself divided as ppl from one region hates the one from other,pakistan n bangaldesh r the result of those.we have history starting from pre historic period.Never ever say Nepal is a part of india cuz we get offended by that as it confuses our identity and also by sayin that u also mean that we are indian which we dont want to be.cant u just leave us alone cuz we r wat we are.I m so fuckin proud to be the son of gurkha and citizen of nepal.watever u may say to defend urself go piss off n leave us the way is it in ur nature to mess around wid everyone?i guess thats the reason y u get bashed out by whites n blacks.

  30. dorje says:

    by the way gurkhas r not indian.current gurkas that british recruits r from different ethnic groups who came to nepal more than 2000 years back from mongolia,tibet n china and r today known by rai,limbu,gurung,magar,tamang,sherpa etc.wen u indians say that nepal n india had same culture u r refering to the culture of only aryan ppl who r not indian but 100 %nepalese.we have 126 official languages n cultures.being himalayan nation population in those moutnatains are isolated n noone knows about their culture.can two country be said as one just becuz they have few same culture n ppl looking similar?should i call an american and say he is german,dutch,british or australian just cuz they look similar or they all celebrates christmas?????null shit…..would he not kill me for that?????how come china never said nepal is the part of china though we have chinese and tibetan culture in mountainous region which comprises of more than 80 percent of the land???cuz they respect us for being seperate nation.if u say tibet well that has always been the part of china.anyways folks be proud in wat u r who u r how u r…dont go fucking around wid other cultures cuz at the end of the day everyone is proud to be wat they r no matter how small their community is.cheers

  31. I was just wandering where did you got my say in this article Dhakal jee
    I have been living in UK since 10 yrs and working on various levels to promote Nepal in this part of the world, I will be delighted to give you more information regarding the matters in the article and about Nepali living in UK

    Raja Giri

  32. Prixya says:

    PROUD TO BE NEPALI.. Thanks for the article 1

  33. JAI HO 'INDIANS' says:

    First of all, If we go back to the worlds first existence, we will get no nations just whole world. But, if we later go on check the history or wikipedia, it can be learned that Nepal might be a part of some other land or country. I also say that Nepal is a seperate country and so India is. Let both country go peacefully for ever.

    But, any body trying to make shit words about India like this fukin DORJE does is not tolerated. India was ruled by British and so was many nations too. But, you fukin nepalese know how India got freedom just without fighting which you can never imangine of and is unique in the world. You say that Buddha was born in Nepal. So, India has many examples of places where other gods of hindu belongs. like Ayodha, Ganga, and so many.

    You fukin just talk about the gifts of nature which indians too have. But, what have you done till now is suckin if compared to indians or other nations. India has progressed in every field. Where has Nepal done? You are just going after rumours and getting agitated in your own country. your agitation continues between Mountain and terai people. Your country is mimmows but India is giant. you say that is Indians are treated bad all over the world. you suckin. You don’t know how indians are spreading all over the world and there are so strong diplomatic ties of india with big countries like US AND UKS.

    Indians have done well in every field whether it is nuclear, film (oscar), sports (olympic), nobel prizes and so many that I can mention. It is not about just the nature but it is also about the effort of we human as well.

    I also appraise gurkhas for their bravery. But, it is not the GURKHAS only serving the indian army. There are people from all across the country. if needing you can recall all your army and there are armies still left to serve the country.

    likewise, you people call indians dhotis. fukin. Gandhi wears it and you know who he is one of great. You do have your national dress i heard from a nepali person said ‘DAURA SURUWAL’. So, what the fukin is it. we can also start making joke of it.
    I mean Indians are far from your mind in terms of goodness. Indians will also lay their life to defend their country.
    madarchod fukinss
    So, I mean I like to respect the country and mean that lets make not big mess of issues raised by few indians and create fight between the countries. I wish advancement of nepal as well as india. So, people representing bothe countries should sit from time to time to strengthening the relationship between the two countries.

    Jai hind.

    • Raminder kaur sandhu says:

      JAI HO all ‘INDIANS’,
      Thanks you bhai for that reply (dorge).
      I feel very happy while reading your article. You have replied whatever I want to.
      India is mother of many countries like pakistan,bangaladesh and many centuries ago afganistan.

      Every Indian feels proud of their motherland and want to rebirth in India again and again.

      No one has rights to say bad words against our motherland as we Indian never bother or jealousy for other nation and have respect for every countries .

      All the invaders who attaches the Indian territory become the parts of this motherland and mother India accepts all these newcomer.

      We respect all and want respect for that and if some one make the fun and give bad word we won’t tolerate it.

      Thanks again,

      Jai Hind.

  34. Hindustan says:

    I lost respect for Nepal, when you guys(Nepalis) talk sh!t about my Country(India)….. The Land of the Oldest Civilizations on Earth….

    India has provided you Idiots(Nepalis) to enter into its territory without Passport and can work freely in India……

    What are you giving us in return???? Talking bad about us, and licking Chinese asses now…..

    India is the only Hindu Majority Nation…. I didn’t say Nepal because now your stupid country turned into fcking Communist Nation…..

    I would be ashamed had Nepal been part of India…… Thank God you idiots have your own piece of sh!t….

  35. Sidarth says:

    Every State in India has its own Identity Rajasthanis, Tamils, Telugus, Kannadigas, Marathis, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Biharis, etc. But all come under one umbrella when it comes to which country One represent its one and Only “INDIA”.

    You want to know why Nepal remained as an independent country???? Here is Why

    “King Tribhuvan wanted Nepal to become part of India and made such an offer to Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru rejected this offer as in his ‘Grand Design’ he envisaged Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim as ‘Buffer States’ between India and China”

    So stop talking crap about India. India is more diverse than Africa.

    Our Languages, customs, etc may be different, but every one in India is proud of being an Indian first.

    Go India……… Jai Hind

  36. gorkhe says:

    plz guys don’t insult any country india or nepal they have their own history and plz dont talk about british rule in india world know gorkhali (nepali) are brave but we have no right to insult indians indian people like rani laxmi bai, mathma gandi mangal pandey bhagat singh and many more .i am sorry to say u (JAY HO INDIANS) plz go and watch delhi the capital of india and say us we are undevloped go and watch the people who sleeps in footpath in india we know nepal is undevloped and it will devlop soon i know india is blessed with nature dont forget we are also blessed with nature more than u so dont forget that india use nepali water for electricty and for agriculture so guys stop this nonsence words like and u nepali people you have no right to say anything to india because indian and india have a long or big history and mr (siddhartha) plz dont say that trivuwan offered coz the king will never want to be ruled and jay ho indians plz dont talk rubbish that gr army if nepal needs they eill back to nepal for ther nation coz i am surving in indian army from 4 yr so pepole likes u nepali or indian is making big issue only the writter has written mostly comment are bakwaas and meanless so guys stop this nonsense and say we are brother both country are beautiful and have their long and golden history. jay nepal jay hind.

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