Arafatul Islam Wins Off-the-Radar Contest Award from GroundReport

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Md. Arafatul IslamJune 12, 2007: International citizen journalism website GroundReport announced today the winner of June’s Off-the-Radar Contest, a news competition with a $1,000 USD grand prize.   The winner was Arafatul Islam, whose article garnered the highest traffic on for the month of June. Underscoring GroundReport’s participatory format, the contest was judged by the “wisdom of crowds,” and not a committee or editor; the report with the highest number of unique views in June won.

Arafatul Islam is a journalist from Bangladesh who also writes for Weekly Shaptahik 2000.  In May 2006 he established the “Voice of South” discussion group for South Asian journalists, which now had over six hundred subscribers.  Mr. Islam said he first learned of GroundReport from the International Journalists’ Network.  He visited the website and decided it was “a reliable and strong platform for me to start publishing.”

There is a significant South Asian presence on GroundReport, an open news platform that aims to offer an independent, global news source free of government control or editorial bias.  Asked about the state of media freedom in South Asia, Mr. Islam said that the “political situation…[is]…not stable.  That’s why press freedom is not up to the mark here.”  He cited Nepal and Pakistan as examples and added that “the Bangladeshi media also faces press freedom limitations due to the Emergency Act and an army-backed government.”  Indeed, several Nepalese and Pakistani writers also publish regularly on GroundReport.

According to Mr. Islam, internet publishing tools may offer a remedy to the media bias.  “Now people in South Asia rely on blogs for news without any government censorship.  And blogging is a good way to disseminate news to the world very quickly,” Mr. Islam continued, “in South Asia the blogger community has much more freedom of expression…than mainstream media.”

Arafatul Islam’s winning article, “Online Pornography Growing in Bangladesh,” will be the final winner of the Off-the-Radar Contest. Admittedly, the controversial topic probably contributed to the traffic to the article.  Starting in July, GroundReport will begin distributing the $1,000 payment to all of its contributors in proportion to their report traffic.  The change is meant to recognize and engage a greater number of GroundReport contributors.  Commenting on the GroundReport blog, founder and Chief Executive Officer Rachel Sterne said, “we still think it’s crucial to reward our contributors, but we think [this is] a better way to recognize the accomplishments of everyone in the GroundReport community.”

Asked how he felt about his win, Mr. Islam said simply, “It’s really a good achievement for me.”

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  1. Abdullah H Kafi says:

    Hi Arafat

    Congratulations for your achievements. I’m delighted and
    wish you best of luck.


  2. Siraj says:

    Congratulations Arafat bhai, excellent platform for publishing.

    Please keep up the good work


  3. Md. Abdul Wahed Tomal says:

    Dear Arafat Bhai,

    Congratulation for your great success. It is a great honor for Bangladesh Journalist community.

    Wish you all the best.


  4. Arif says:


    Keep it up.


  5. Parvez Chowdhury says:

    Dear Arafat,


    Parvez Chowdhury
    Ekushey television (etv)

  6. Arif Jebtik says:

    Arafat Bhai,
    ei taka ta aapni oshohay buro manushder jonno khoroch korte cheye chilen na?

    Prize peyechen dekhe valo laglo.

    Arif Jebtik

  7. reecha sharma tiwari says:

    hi fren
    arafatul islam
    im reecha from nepal i m happy and congrat on ur success.
    reecha sharma tiwari
    naya nepal magazine

  8. Hempal Shrestha says:

    Dear Arafat Bhai,



    Hempal Shrestha

  9. Dear Arafat ,

    Congratulation for your great success. It is a great achievement for us!

    All the best.

    Md. Saidur Rahman Ripon
    IT Incharge
    Coastal Development Partnership
    55/2 Islampur Road, Khulna-910000, Bangladesh.
    Mobile: +88-0156328405

  10. Congratulation! Congratulation!! & Congratulation!!!

    Ataur Rahman Kabul
    ICT Page Editor
    Daily Amardesh

  11. enun says:

    arafat vai,

    congratulations 🙂

  12. bipro ranjan dhar says:

    congratulations arafatbhai…..i am bipro….BUET representative of Technology Today

  13. aaiman-aaian, says:

    khub valo laglo,tomar shafollo dekhe.
    shuvechcha niyo.

  14. Arafat Vai

    Its Taslim. apnake koto din dekhi naa. vai apne koii asen.parle mail diyen.
    Taslim Insoft Systems Ltd.

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